Horror Start To Spring

It’s been a horror start to spring on our roads in Capricornia with the RACQ CAPRICORN HELICOPTER RESCUE SERVICE attending three motor vehicle accidents in three days.

RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service spokesperson Kirsty Wooler said that attending three separate motor vehicle accidents is unusually high for our region.

“During the January to August period our rescue helicopter service attended just sixteen motor vehicle accidents in total – an average of two per month. To see three retrievals in three days is alarmingly high and quite concerning.

“When you’re out on the road, watch for signs of fatigue and if you’re feeling drowsy, lacking concentration or making mistakes, pull over for a break.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said it was concerning to see a spike in the number of serious crashes in the region.

“Drivers need to ensure they are completely focused every time they get behind the wheel,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Drive to the conditions, slow down if necessary and make sure you’re stopping every two hours to avoid driving fatigued.

“If you aren’t up to the task of driving, it’s not just your life you’re putting at risk, but those of all other road users.”

“Our rescue service will remain on high alert as the number of vehicles increase on our roads during the lead up to school holidays. Our crew have seen first-hand the outcomes of motorists ignoring the risks with deadly consequences. We encourage drivers to again this year be aware of the fatal five and stay safe” Mrs Wooler said.

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