Family Winched Off Mt Roper

Recently, Rescue300 was tasked to a mammoth mission atop Mount Roper, located just outside of Capella, north of Emerald. A popular mountain for avid hikers, a family consisting of two children aged 7 and 10, a 70 year old male and 42 year old female set out on the frequented hiking trail unaware of the danger ahead.

It was just on dark that the Queensland Police Service tasked RACQ CapRescue to respond to a distress call from the hikers after they found themselves stuck 2,500 metres above sea level. Due to the terrain and diminishing daylight, a winch recovery was the only option. The mother and youngest child were the first to be winched into our aircraft, however given the distance between our base in Rockhampton and the location of the trail, Rescue300 tracked to Clermont to refuel – leaving our Rescue Crew Officer on the ground with the remaining two hikers.   

The mother and child remained at Clermont airfield with staff while Rescue300 refueled and returned to the mountain to retrieve the last two family members and Rescue Crew Officer. After retrieving the remaining two hikers, our crew delivered them to Clermont Airfield to be assessed by QAS Paramedics. All four were found to be very relieved and in good health. 

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