How Can I Help?


We are grateful to individuals and organisations that support our vital life saving service. Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference as we strive to reach $3.6 million each year. It is reassuring to know that these valuable contributions help maintain a FREE and vital service to all residents and visitors to our region.

Become a Partner

RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service highly values financial support from companies of all sizes. Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming an increasingly important part of business. Becoming a Partner has taxation advantages and organizations benefit from the goodwill of employees and the general community.

Payroll Deduction Scheme

What are the benefits for your business?
  • Connect with your community – Support a local life-saving rescue service by matching or even double matching your employees contributions.
  • Be proud – Put our logo on your website and highlight the Rescue Service as a charity you support.
  • Be recognised – Participants in our Workplace Giving program will be listed on our website under the Target 10,000 tab. Each month we will make special mention of the businesses that have joined on our Facebook page and Twitter account.
  • Become an employer of choice – New research indicates that young job seekers are more likely (up to 59%) to seek out employment opportunities with companies who make a significant contribution to charity.
  • Increase your staff engagement – Increased staff engagement will reduce your turn over rate and recruitment costs.
What are the benefits for employees?
  • Connect with their community – A simple and effective way to support a local life-saving rescue service.
  • Pay less tax – Donations are made from employees pre-tax salary which means that they pay less tax on their wages each pay.
  • Celebrate – Celebrate with their work mates what a difference their collective donations have made. At the end of each financial year we will distribute the total collective donations from your workplace.
What are the benefits for RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service?
  • Keep us flying – Our monthly operating costs are upwards of $500,000 and we need to raise 60% of this. Help keep our vital life saving service in the air and free to the people of Central Queensland.
  • Increase our reach – By adopting our Workplace Giving Program your business can help us promote our brand and increase our marketing reach enabling us to help those in need.

Find out more about the Payroll Deduction Scheme ┬╗


Gifts to RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service make a significant difference to the lives of those in need. Many of our donors contribute on a regular basis, monthly, quarterly or half-yearly. Donations can be made by post, phone or bank transfer. Contact us for details ┬╗


Volunteering is a great way to make new friends, get out to different events and help the only rescue helicopter service in Central Queensland.

We have a great team of volunteers who would love you to join them. Complete our Volunteer Enquiry Form or email

Bequests, In Memory and Gifts

Making a Will is not about death or dying – it is about the satisfaction of sharing your good fortune with a cause close to your heart. We have seen a growth in bequests and ‘In Memory’ giving. Increasingly, people are also donating in lieu of birthday, Christmas and farewell gifts in the workplace. These donations have a lasting impact on the lives of others. For wording please click here.

Donation Boxes

We have donation boxes in numerous locations around our region that we use to both raise awareness and collect donations. Your spare change can make a big difference to us! If you are a business owner that deals in predominately cash transactions and would welcome a donation box at you outlet  please contact us for more information.

Community Fundraising GuideGeneral Fundraising

Holding your own fundraising event for RACQ Capricorn Rescue is a rewarding way to support your vital community rescue helicopter service.

With more than half our funding contributed by the community, you’ll know you’re making a real difference.

Our fundraising team is available to lend skills and experience to help make your fundraising event a success.

We have sporting clubs, community groups and businesses organising fundraisers for us throughout the year. Any offer of help financially, big or small, is always welcome.

In an emergency, it is vital to get help to the scene as quickly as possible. With your support we can continue to be there, bringing help and hope to those who need it most.