I’ve Stepped Up!

*Jasmine (bottom left) with the Step Up CapRescue volunteers at the Rockhampton Community Open Day 2020. 

National Student Volunteer Week runs from 10th – 16th August 2020.
To celebrate we would like to showcase some of our fantastic Student and Youth Volunteers. 

Meet Jasmine – a Paramedic student at CQUniversity!

Background (personal/professional)—what are your passions?
I’m 19 years old and am currently working towards finishing my 2nd year Bachelor of Paramedic Science at CQUniversity. I currently work casually in hospitality during my studies to maximise my time spent at university and within the community. I am passionate about healthcare and helping people out in their emergencies (life threatening or not) which is why I chose to do this degree, and the pre-hospital side of things can mix up the day with the unknown of what might happen on shift. I graduated high school in Biloela in 2017 and have since moved to Rockhampton for my studies.

Why did you choose to volunteer with Cap Rescue?
I decided to volunteer with Cap Rescue last year due to the heavy involvement that they have within the community. I made a decision last year when I started my degree that I wanted to volunteer with someone within the health/prehospital/emergency setting, and Cap Rescue hit the spot. At some of the bigger events held, I will help out in sections where I am required and additionally do any first aid which may be required, which is pretty cool

How long have you been a volunteer for and for what organisations?
I’ve been volunteering with Cap Rescue since the beginning of 2019, basically when I started my university studies!

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at CapRescue?
The events and everything which are held with Cap Rescue are cool, however I’ve really enjoyed meeting other volunteers and staff with Cap Rescue. There is a great feeling of mate-ship within everyone, and it’s a great environment to be a part of! As a volunteer, I get to know the backstage people who help put everything together and work really hard to do so, and the crew for the helicopter, who provide assistance to those in need firsthand.  
The non-commitment side of things with Cap Rescue is also great, as sometimes my life gets incredibly busy and I will struggle to find time for additional commitments, and they are lenient about it which is great!

Do you want to join in the fun of volunteering? Contact us today for more information – stepup@chrs.org.au

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