Hearts for Heros

Do you have a hero that you want to thank, or a loved one to remember? The RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service is asking the Capricorn Region to step up and support their Hearts 4 Heroes campaign by
penning a message to our team, remembering a loved one or celebrating milestone.

RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service, spokesperson Kirsty Wooler says, “The Hearts 4 Heroes campaign allows Capricornia to show their appreciation for our crew, send a heartfelt message to our patients, give our volunteers a high 5, or thank the community who keep us in the air. It’s easy to get involved and is a great way for the community to show their support for the service.”

It’s simple, purchase a rescue helicopter tag, write your message on the back and attach it to our giant yellow heart. Our heart will be displayed at fundraising events and local businesses so your message will be spread across the region.

The RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service would like to thank the following sponsors that have helped bring the Hearts 4 Heroes campaign to life!

  • Diplock’s Rockhampton
  • Fleet Industries
  • Sargent Signs
  • Swains Canvas

Why not get involved and show your support by purchasing a Hearts 4 Heroes tag online during December. Every purchase helps us save more lives. Updates will be published on our Facebook page – RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service (Official Page).

The tags are $10 each and will be posted to the purchaser along with a reply paid envelope. Once it’s received, the tag will be added to the RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service giant yellow heart!

Weekend Wrap Up

16 year old falls from her horse on property.

Weekend Wrap Up

  • Saturday afternoon #RACQ #caprescue was tasked to a property south of Targinie to attend to a 16 year old girl who had fallen from her horse while out riding with her younger sister. The patient suffered suspected head and spinal injuries after her horse stumbled, causing the girl to fall backwards with the horse falling on top of her. The injured rider was found lying on the ground with obvious signs of trauma where upon the alarm was raised. Our on board Doctor and Intensive Care Paramedic stabilised the patient at the scene before being airlifted to Rockhampton in a serious but stable condition. She was immediately transferred to Brisbane for further treatment.
  • Sunday morning, shortly before 8.00am our helicopter landed on the Bruce Highway at Wumalgi, approximately 15 km SSW of St Lawrence after a 4WD left the road and rolled numerous times before coming to rest on its side. A 51 year old female was thrown from the vehicle that she and her son were travelling in from Mackay. Our on board Doctor and Critical Care Paramedic treated the Townsville woman for suspected head, spinal, abdominal injuries and multiple fractures. The woman was stabilised at the scene before being airlifted to Rockhampton Hospital in a serious but stable condition.
  • 51 year old Townsville woman is thrown from vehicle on Bruce Highway.

    This morning a 29 year old Jericho man was airlifted from Baralaba with severe abdominal pain.

  • Upon returning to base our crew were tasked to Blackwater to airlift a 17 year old male involved in a vehicle rollover. Both the patient and his female passenger were ejected from the vehicle. The patient presented to the Blackwater hospital with a severe frontal headache moments before fitting. He was promptly airlifted to Rockhampton for transportation to Brisbane hospital.

Horror Start To Spring

It’s been a horror start to spring on our roads in Capricornia with the RACQ CAPRICORN HELICOPTER RESCUE SERVICE attending three motor vehicle accidents in three days.

 RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service spokesperson Kirsty Wooler said that attending three separate motor vehicle accidents is unusually high for our region.

 “During the January to August period our rescue helicopter service attended just sixteen motor vehicle accidents in total – an average of two per month. To see three retrievals in three days is alarmingly high and quite concerning.

 “When you’re out on the road, watch for signs of fatigue and if you’re feeling drowsy, lacking concentration or making mistakes, pull over for a break.

 RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said it was concerning to see a spike in the number of serious crashes in the region.

 “Drivers need to ensure they are completely focused every time they get behind the wheel,” Ms Ritchie said.

 “Drive to the conditions, slow down if necessary and make sure you’re stopping every two hours to avoid driving fatigued.

 “If you aren’t up to the task of driving, it’s not just your life you’re putting at risk, but those of all other road users.”

 “Our rescue service will remain on high alert as the number of vehicles increase on our roads during the lead up to school holidays. Our crew have seen first-hand the outcomes of motorists ignoring the risks with deadly consequences. We encourage drivers to again this year be aware of the fatal five and stay safe” Mrs Wooler said.


Helmets save two things – cash and lives!

RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service at the scene of a motorcycle accident 5 miles north of Banana. The motorcyclist was hit from behind, at speed by a sedan and sustained multiple injuries including possible spinal and neck injuries.

The RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service urges all riders to wear the correct protective gear following yesterday’s retrieval of an injured motor cyclist who was not suitably attired nor wearing a helmet.

The 43 year old male sustained suspected significant head and spinal injuries after crashing in Wowan last night. He was airlifted to Rockhampton Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

Dave Paterson, RACQ CHRS Air Crewman says “The extent of head injuries sustained by last night’s motor cyclist, who was not wearing a helmet at the time of crashing, highlights the importance of the use of protective wear. The outcome for this rider, had he been wearing a helmet and protective clothing, could have been significantly more positive”.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said it was vital riders wore helmets every time they hit the road.

“Riders who don’t wear helmets are twice as likely to suffer brain injuries and are two to three times more likely to die than those who do wear a helmet,” Ms Smith said.

“Apart from the obvious safety benefits, wearing a helmet is also the law – you’ll be hit with a $365 fine and three demerit points for not wearing one in Queensland.

“Find a helmet that fits correctly and do it up properly each time you ride – after all, it’s your life you’re putting at risk if you don’t.”

“Historically, around 42% of the total Primary Vehicle Accidents that we attend involve motor cycles with suspected spinal and neck injuries the most common outcome for the rider. Whilst wearing the correct protective gear, including a helmet, does greatly improve their chances of surviving a serious accident, all riders are encouraged to act in a responsible manner both on and off road to prevent an incident occurring. At the end of the day prevention is still the best cure” said RACQ CHRS spokesperson Kirsty Wooler.

The Week That Was

north-west-island-1What a busy week for the RACQ Capricorn Rescue crew. Clocking up almost 24 hours in the air and covering a total distance of 2,120 nautical miles in just over 7 days.

21/11 – 62 year old male airlifted from a property near Banana with a suspected broken shoulder after falling from his motorcycle whilst mustering cattle.

23/11 – 18 year old female transported from Biloela in a serious but stable condition.

23/11 – 67 year old gentleman from Alpha was transported to Rockhampton after falling from his horse.

24/11 – 71 year old man was airlifted from Gladstone Hospital.

24/11 – 67 year old female retrieved from North West Island suffering from suspected chest pains.

24/11 – 75 year old male is transported from Emerald Hospital.

25/11 – 53 year old local Emerald man airlifted with possible internal bleeding.

25/11 – Search for missing fisherman south of Gladstone.

25/11 – A medical crew were delivered to the scene of a crash just outside of Rockhampton.

26/11 – Search for missing fisherman around the Gladstone area continued.

26/11 – 41 year old male is retrieved from Gladstone Hospital.

27/11 – 39 year old male airlifted from a property 170km North West of Rockhampton following a horse fall.

27/11 – 31 year old Blackwater man transported to Rockhampton Base Hospital from Blackwater Hospital.

28/11 – 70 year old male airlifted from Biloela Hospital to Rockhampton.

Mount Larcom 3 Vehicle Crash


RACQ CHRS attended a three vehicle accident two kilometres south of Mount Larcom this morning.  Rescue 300 spent 60 minutes on scene before airlifting a 26 year old male to Rockhampton in a serious condition.

The patient was prepared for the 20 minute flight by our on board doctor and Intensive Care Paramedic and treated on scene for a suspected fractured left arm and possible significant head injuries. The vehicle, a SUV travelling north, was carrying four other passengers.

Missing Yacht Located

IMG_1478 (2)During the early hours of this morning #caprescue conducted a search and rescue mission in the vicinity of the Percy Isles after a distress beacon signal was received by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (A.M.S.A.).

Our crew located a yacht washed up on the rocks of Middle Island and reported its location back to A.M.S.A. before returning to land to refuel. With the information provided by RACQ CHRS, it is believed that one person was retrieved from the island by a partnering rescue service.

Car Misses Intersection

IMG_1452 (2) IMG_1457 (2)#caprescue has just returned from a Primary Motor Vehicle accident on the corner of the Leichhardt and Capricorn Highways. A 51 year old Monto woman was airlifted to Rockhampton with possible internal and spinal injuries after the vehicle that she was a passenger in left the highway. The vehicle was discovered in a paddock approximately 100 metres from the road after failing to stop at the intersection whilst travelling north.

Motorbike v Car

TASK 6207The RACQ CHRS crew returned from Biloela  just after 3pm with a 24 year old local male on board. The patient was airlifted in a stable condition with a possible fractured leg and suspected spinal injuries after his motorbike collided with a motor vehicle. A Doctor and Intensive Care Paramedic were on board to treat the patient during the 36 minute flight to Rockhampton.

4 Patients, 3 Towns, 7 Hours & 709 Nautical Miles.

task 6204.1 task 6204.2Four patients, three towns, just under seven hours of flying time and a total distance of 709 nautical miles sums up the weekend for our crew.

On Friday afternoon #caprescue airlifted a 68 year old male from Blackwater in a serious but stable condition. The patient was suffering from suspected internal organ failure.

Our crew returned to Blackwater during the early hours of Saturday morning to retrieve a 61 year old male also in a serious but stable condition. The patient was airlifted to the Rockhampton Base Hospital to receive specialist medical care.

Late Saturday afternoon our helicopter was diverted, whilst travelling to Emerald, to a property approximately 40 nautical miles south west of Rockhampton where a 54 year old male rolled his quad bike. The patient was mustering cattle when the accident occurred. Due to the nature of his injuries, suspected spinal, the patient was transported to the Rockhampton Base Hospital by air.

Upon returning to base the RACQ CHRS helicopter was refuelled and prepared for its flight to Emerald where a 61 year old male had been involved in a motorbike accident. The patient suffered suspected internal injuries after his motorbike collided with a car near Emerald. The patient was transported in a serious but stable condition.