Our Helicopter

Bell 412EP

Our helicopter is an American enhanced twin engine machine equipped with a dual digital automatic flight control system.

The Bell 412EP can be configured to have 5 seating and one stretcher positions or 3 seating and two stretcher positions in the cabin (see below under medical equipment) and a passenger / crew person seat in the cockpit (Co-pilot seat).

The following equipment is fitted:

Flight Equipment

  •  Aircraft tracking technology
  •  Autopilot
  • Weather Radar / Storm scope
  • Communication and Navigation radios to enable IFR flight including HF radio
  • Cockpit voice recorder
  • Flight data recorder
  • Helicopter Terrain and warning system
  • Airframe health and usage monitoring system
  • Engine monitoring systems
  • Airframe/engine vibration monitoring system

Role Equipment

  • Rescue Winch (250 ft Cable / 270 kg (Two person) / Variable speed)
  • Cargo Hook with Fire Fighting bucket capability
  • Night search light
  • Night vision device
  • Beacon Homer

Medical Equipment

(supplied by the Medical Crew)

  • QAS trauma kit
  • Medical Oxygen (2 x “D” size cylinders)
  • Vital signs monitor with Defibrillator (Lifepak 12)
  • Ventilation (Oxylog 1000)
  • Syringe Driver (Braun Compact) & mounting for second syringe driver
  • Mounting for IVAC
  • Electric powered medical suction inlets/outlets
  • Intravenous equipment
  • 2 x  patient stretcher systems
  • Ability to transport a neonatal intensive care cot
  • 12 volt power outlets
  • High intensity adjustable field of work medical lighting suitable to night flying
  • Purpose built medical storage areas

Emergency Services Communication Equipment

  • Marine VHF High Band Radio
  • QAS / QFRS VHF Low Band Radio
  • QPS / CB / Rural Fire UHF Band Radio
  • Digital Mobile Phone


All the figures below should be taken as a guide only and the crew always contacted before an agency decides on the suitability of the aircraft for the task.

Maximum Range without refuel: up to 200 nm
Normal cruise speed (No winch fitted): up to 125 kts
Maximum number of seated passengers: 6
Maximum number of stretchers: 2
Overall Aircraft size (rotors turning): 17.10m
Rotor Diameter: 14.01m

Helicopter Photosphere

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