Our Board

Clark Cooper


In 1998, I became a director when I was faced with a tragic situation. A friend was killed in a motor vehicle accident on a remote beach, with help many hours away. I wanted to be a part of a service that made a difference in people’s lives. With over 40 years’ experience in the Retail industry, I bring my skills in Marketing as well as Financial, Contract & Risk Management to the organisation. However, I am in awe of our people that fly our platforms or go down a wire to save someone from a flooded creek. Over 20 years on, the services achievements are many, with the greatest success illustrated in the difference we make to people’s outcomes every day. I remain a director so that a fisherman at sea, a Jillaroo on a remote cattle station or a bush walker in an isolated canyon, have access to our service in their time of need. As an off-road motorcyclist and a less than able Seaman, I may have a personal need for the service someday.

Adrian De Groot


I have called the Central Queensland community home for most of my life. As a boilermaker by trade, I worked hard to develop a successful engineering business in 1989. Investing in our community was important as I employed many Rockhampton locals and trained over 30 apprentices. Giving back to our region has always been a passion and I have enthusiastically dedicated my time and skills to several organisations. I have been a member of the Rockhampton East Rotary Club for over 21 years and have devoted over 23 years to the RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Service, including time spent as Chairperson. I am honoured to have been involved with CapRescue from the beginning, when we recognised a desperate need for an aeromedical and rescue service in our area. As someone who has greatly enjoyed sailing for several years, particularly at night and navigation, I am also mindful of the role Caprescue plays in all aspects of my life and will continue to support it wholeheartedly. 

Mark Fewtrell


Interest in Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service stemmed from arranging and providing the finance for the Service to purchase their own aircraft after which I was invited to join the board.

I have been an active and passionate Board member since March 2002 as a Director of which I spent two years as chairman. During period as Chairman the Service entered into the era of twin engine helicopters to meet the growing expectations of the community and address the issues of having a suitable aircraft for the services we were being asked to provide by Government.

I was appointed by the Board in March 2013 into a contract position in the role of Executive Director. Purpose of this role was to co-ordinate a number of projects. These included contract negotiations for service provider post June 2013, contract negotiations with Queensland Health, feasibility into new hangar and a number of other initiatives around revenue generation. 

Sandra Hobbs


I’ve always lived and worked in regional Qld, from riding the waves with the dolphins as a teenager, to an isolated cattle and sheep property when I was a new bride 36 years ago. I have since relocated to a number of points in between, most recently, I am in the final stages of CEO of the Central Highlands Development Corporation in Emerald.

I have come to understand the importance of access to adequate health & emergency services for many of the people in this vast country.

It is fantastic to be a part of the RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Board, as I feel it is important to contribute and give back when we can. This is particularly prominent in smaller regional areas, where you have the opportunity to be part of and influence the future of the community.

Whilst being the newest Director with Caprescue, I currently sit on 2 additional boards within the region. I bring extensive experience in governance with the past 40 years spent working in Not for Profit organisations, as well as time in government and commercial sectors.

As I move into a new chapter in my life with Retirement on the horizon, I will be able to spend more time with my family, as well as continuing to be connected with the community. With a bucket list that includes quite a bit of travel, it heightens my awareness of the importance of our lifesaving service for all of those exploring our beautiful region.

Justin Houlihan


The RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue service is vital to the Central Queensland Community. I have been a dedicated member to the Board since 2007 with a period as Chairman from 2010 to 2015. With almost 40 years’ experience at Rees R & Sydney Jones as a Partner/Solicitor, my competencies have been actively incorporated into my role with CapRescue. As an avid horse racing and golf fan, who travels for these pursuits more, I am conscious that even in our own past times we could also be in need. As a long-time local, I know the region is fortunate to have a team so dedicated to its safety and we all need to continue to stand for our cause and keep CapRescue flying.  

Karen Quinn


Initially I travelled to Australia in 1993 as a UK trained General Practitioner on a twelve month working holiday. After spending four years working in rural and remote parts of Queensland, I moved to Rockhampton in 1997 and worked in the Rockhampton Hospital Emergency Department. One of my duties as a senior ED staff member was to provide medical support for RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue – where I spent three years as part of the CapRescue crew.

Having worked in Rural and Remote communities dependent upon the support of the Rescue Helicopter and having been a crew member, I have a deep understanding of the service that CapRescue provides to the people of Central Queensland.

I have worked in the public and private sector, in hospital and community since then and have been involved in the education of junior doctors and medical students – UQ Rural Clinical School, Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM), and Queensland Rural Medical Education.

I currently work as the Director of Medical Services at Capricorn Coast Hospital and Health service. I am still involved in education with ACRRM and I am currently an examiner for Fellowship exams for both the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, a Fellow of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine, have a Diploma in Child Health, Family Planning and Graduate Certificates in Agricultural Health and Medicine and Medical Education as well as currently studying a Masters Degree in Health Administration.

Mark Tobin


I have had a long history with the RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue. From the very special moment of the first rescue on the 18th February 1996 – where I was the paramedic – and we launched the organisation off the ground.

Since then, the crew have completed more than 7500 rescues, saving more than 7000 lives.

My experience as an Intensive Care Paramedic and extensive background in fixed and rotary wing aero-medical and rescue work, drew me to Caprescue. I have been a Board Director since 2006, with 3 years previously as Chair.

Together with this experience and my interest in corporate governance I have taken great joy in my position on the Board and being involved in the planning and inception of this worthwhile service.

As a small beef cattle operator, I am sincerely aware of the importance of our service in rural and regional areas. As Chairman, I will uphold our vision to operate a world class Aerial search and rescue across our 350,000km2 community.