Our Board

mark tobinMark Tobin

Grazier (Chairman)
Mark is an Intensive Care Paramedic with an extensive background in fixed and rotary wing aero-medical and rescue work.

With a dual interest in the aero-medical and rescue industry and corporate governance Mark enjoys his Board Director position with Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service and has been involved with us since its’ planning and inception stages. A Board Director since 2006 Mark was also chair for three years.

We currently share Mark with Central Queensland Medicare Local and previously with Anglicare and The Australian College of Ambulance Professionals.

The Tobin family has a small beef cattle operation based at Marlborough and work off the farm.

Justin Houlihan


Adrian De Groot

Business Proprietor
Adrian has been a member of the Central Queensland community for over forty years and has dedicated more than thirty years of voluntary service to local service clubs during that time.

His involvement in the RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service (RACQ CHRS) began just over twenty years ago when he recognised a desperate need for an aeromedical and rescue service in our region. Just months after RACQ CHRS began operations Adrian joined the service as a volunteer director – a position which has today lead him to becoming chairman of RACQ CHRS.

Adrian, now semi-retired, has a great deal of experience in starting companies from the ground up, applying his strong belief in workplace safety practices and quality management controls into each.

Clark Cooper

Business Proprietor

Mark Fewtrell

Executive Director
Interest in Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service stemmed from arranging and providing the finance for the Service to purchase their own aircraft after which I was invited to join the board.

I have been an active and passionate Board member since March 2002 as a Director of which I spent two years as chairman. During period as Chairman the Service entered into the era of twin engine helicopters to meet the growing expectations of the community and address the issues of having a suitable aircraft for the services we were being asked to provide by Government.

I was appointed by the Board in March 2013 into a contract position in the role of Executive Director. Purpose of this role was to co-ordinate a number of projects. These included contract negotiations for service provider post June 2013, contract negotiations with Queensland Health, feasibility into new hangar and a number of other initiatives around revenue generation.

Following resignation of CEO in late September I have taken over the duties associated with that position.

Julie Tanner

Business Consultant