Our Crew


Corey Baker

Air Crewman

Being the son of a serviceman Corey grew up living all over Australia and joined the Armed Forces himself straight out of school. After serving 17 years for his country, Corey decided to use his experience as an Air Crewman to directly help people in his community.

Although each day can offer a different challenge, never knowing what will unfold is half the thrill of working in the rescue industry. One thing that remains constant for Corey is his love of cricket, AFL and golf.

Grant Bollington

Rescue Crewman

During the short time that Grant has been a Rescue Crewman he has found every winching task equally rewarding. Whilst they don’t happen every day, Grant gets great satisfaction out of knowing that it’s what he specialises in and keeps fit for.  His most challenging task turned out to be his very first patient rescue at Rainbow Falls. The winch was conducted at a higher than usual distance and communication to the helicopter was lost. Going back to basics, the crew used hand signals to ensure a successful recovery was achieved.

A passion for aviation coupled with his wife being a Paramedic is what led Grant to our door. Confirming that he enjoys the people that he works with and the feeling that he is helping others, Grant looks set to be a familiar face around the place.

Paul Donaldson



Chris Manns

Senior Pilot

DSC_1628Whether it be fishing, boating, going to the beach or rugby Senior Base Pilot Chris Manns loves to spend his time outdoors or with his family. So it seems only natural that Chris would chose to take to the skies rather than sit behind a desk.

A very familiar face in our crew, Chris joined us with a vast amount of experience in many roles – too numerous to mention in fact!

While there is an air of anxiousness with you as you arrive at the scene of an accident or rescue, working with a professional and focused crew to help someone in need is what it’s all about for Chris. “A positive result at the end of a mission is really the greatest reward you could receive” Chris says.

Jake Moore



Patrick Norton

Air CrewmanPat

A born and bred Rocky boy Patrick has come home after 10years in the Australian Army and two years working on the Victorian Ambulance Helicopter to work in and help his local community. The majority of Patrick’s family lives here so he is enjoying both being around family and the spectacular Queensland weather.

Patrick joined the Australian Army at 18 years old and worked in aviation for 10 years where he flew in Blackhawks and Chinook helicopters as an Air Crewman. Patrick says – “Being part of rescue helicopter operations is a very rewarding career”.

Dave Paterson

Air Crewman

Prior to working with the RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service I spent 17 years in the Australian Army, where I gained experience as a Helicopter Crewman.

My most memorable mission was conducted in Pakistan after the 2005 earthquake, where we transported a family, including an infant who was born during the earthquake to a Military Field Hospital, where they were treated for an array of injuries and illnesses.

I love playing golf and more recently have taken up the challenge of building and flying radio controlled model helicopters.

Above everything, I love spending time with my wife.

I feel blessed to have a job where I wake up wanting to go to work. The reward of helping to save lives is indescribeable.

Garth Snaidero

Rescue Crewman

Born in Griffith NSW and raised on the family property in the Leeton NSW, Garth joined the Australian Army after completing high school. After 11 years with the Australian Defence Force, Garth spent 8 years as a Rescue Crew Officer on the EMQ Rescue Helicopter in Townsville.

Garth enjoys the sense of purpose his role gives him and having an opportunity to help people whilst working within a highly trained, professional and motivated small team.

Some of his more memorable missions include rescuing the last 5 crew members of a sinking ship in the Gulf after it was hit by a Cyclone in May 2007, attending the Lockhart River plane crash (the largest loss of life in a single civil plane crash in Australian history to date) in May 2005, undertaking post –cyclone relief at Innisfail and Tully after cyclones Larry and Yasi respectively and flood relief at Ingham in 2008 and more recently in SE Queensland in 2011.

When not working on the RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service Garth enjoys Running, Swimming, Cycling, Sailing and spending time with his family and friends.

Derek Tessman


Nathan Triffett

NathanSenior Air Crewman (Check and Training Air Crewman)

With 13 years’ experience under his belt as a Helicopter Air Crewman it is hard to imagine that Nathan has any spare time.  But when he does his time off is just as action packed as his day job, enjoying fishing, golf, motorcycling, cricket, swimming and running his dog on the beach.

Whilst in the Australian Army Nathan was deployed to the Solomon Islands, Banda Aceh, Bougainville and East Timor as a military Air Crewman Loadmaster working on Iroquois Helicopters.

Nathan has been working on Rescue Helicopters in Queensland and Victoria since 2006 and finds utilising the capabilities of our aircraft to help people in need the most memorable part of his job.

Mitch Vernon

Base Manager / Pilot

Mitch has been flying for over 25 years and has been lucky enough to fly in many diverse regions including Antarctica and the Middle East, performing a variety of  different tasks such as movie filming, aerial crane, fire fighting, offshore, VIP & emergency medical services. 

If you asked Mitch today what his greatest post has been during his career so far he would say his position as Pilot and Base Manager with RACQ CHRS. His rescue of 5 people off Keppel Island on Australia Day features as his most rewarding task while flying the Dalai Lama during his official visit to Victoria his most memorable.

Mitch’s motivation is – “Knowing that I have helped someone get over their bad day”.