Triple Truck Collision

17/5/19 – At 3.15am this morning RACQ CAPRICORN RESCUE was tasked to retrieve a patient who had been involved in a multi-truck accident on the Bruce Highway, approximately 170kms south of Rockhampton. The truck driver had reportedly collided with another heavy vehicle, causing it to then impact a third truck which was stationary on the highway. The heavy vehicles were allegedly stopped at a set of road work traffic lights just before 3am this morning when the incident occurred.

The patient was extracted from the heavy vehicle by the Queensland Ambulance Service before being transported to a large sports ground where RACQ Capricorn Rescue was able to land. The patient was treated by our on board Intensive Care Paramedic and Doctor for a suspected fracture to their lower leg and lacerations. They were airlifted back to Rockhampton Base Hospital in a stable condition for further treatment.

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